ShotChek® III
Current Pulse Monitor


The ShotChek for Plant Automation

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The ShotChek current pulse monitors are a family of instruments which measure the large pulses of electric current used to magnetize materials prior to magnetic inspection, a non-destructive testing technique used to locate defects in ferromagnetic metals. Inspection Research, Inc., has developed the ShotChek Model III current pulse monitor to provide both peak current and pulse duration measurement in a package suitable for permanent mounting in a plant environment. Additionally, the Model III can automatically compare each reading to upper and lower limits set by the user via the front panel keypad. Electrically isolated contact closures which indicate the result of the comparison are provided for connection to alarms, controllers, or other equipment. These new features make the Model III compatible with automated inspection facilities.

  • accurate measurement of peak current to 99.9 kilo-amps and pulse duration to 99.9 milliseconds
  • user-settable upper and lower limits on both current and duration
  • automatic "GO/NOGO" outputs
  • oil and dust-tight NEMA 12 enclosure

The ShotChek Model III enables inspectors to know that their customers' specifications for minimum amperage and duration are being met. Duration measurements conform to the half-amplitude definition of pulse width now being utilized by Exxon, Shell, and others.

Close-up photo of current probe.
The user's manual is available on-line.


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