Company Overview

Indutronics, Inc. is a full-line manufacturer of inspection equipment for Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG).

Founded in Houston, Texas, in late 1960, Indutronics was one of the first independent manufacturers of inspection equipment and now is the oldest still in operation.  The company relocated to New Braunfels, Texas, a few miles north of San Antonio in 1978.

The primary line of products offered by Indutronics includes new Drill Pipe Inspection units, Tubing and Sucker Rod units, CD units and all accessory equipment.

Indutronics manufacturers and stocks a full line of spare parts for the Wm. B. Wilson (originally IEMCO) inspection equipment.  A full line of the original Wilson/IEMCO manuals, drawings and schematics are in our archives and copies may be purchased for a nominal charge.

The company specializes in rebuilding and upgrading used Wilson/IEMCO inspection units. Renewed to original specifications or upgraded with Thermal Recorders and Solid State (full coverage) Wall Loss systems.  Refurbished Wilson Drill Pipe consoles, both original and upgraded, can be supplied on an exchange basis thus eliminating any customer down time.

Staff and Facilities
We maintain a full-time staff of engineering, technical and support personnel to service the needs of the OCTG inspection industry.  Our machine shop, component assembly, drafting department, parts inventory and stock room, shipping, receiving, and administrative facilities are centrally located in our New Braunfels plant, providing the world-wide OCTG industry with a reliable "one-stop shopping" center for advanced inspection systems, refurbishments, upgrades, modifications, parts and supplies.


Serving the Oil Field Production Industry since 1961
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