Technical Services

Our equipment is designed to withstand rugged handling and in-field environments.  However, periodic calibration is recommended to insure top performance.  We provide rapid turn-around calibration services for all our equipment and systems.
Even with the best of inspection equipment, nothing beats genuine hands-on experience in recognizing flaws and defects in the materials you use.  And nothing beats our customized on-site training in getting your inspection staff up to speed with the latest in non-destructive inspection techniques and technology.  Currency in training will insure maximizing the on-site effectiveness and return for your equipment investment. Contact us for details on how we can assist you.
Custom modifications
When special inspection situations present themselves, we are ready to assist.  We are prepared to provide modifications to our standard line of equipment to accommodate virtually any on-site inspection requirement.
Equipment upgrades and refurbishment
When age, rough use, or in-field mishaps catch up with your inspection system investment, we stand ready to bring your equipment back to factory quality standards and returned to you with minimal down-time.  If loss of inspection capability is simply not an option, ask us about our "hot-swap" program that eliminates in-field down-time. We constantly strive to provide you with the latest in technology and are constantly looking for ways to improve our systems' performance and reliability.   If it's been a while since we have seen your equipment, our refurbished units usually leave the factory with the latest in component upgrades. Contact us to discuss you particular needs.
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