ShotChek® II
Current Pulse Monitor


Peak Current and Now ... Duration

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Inspection Research, Inc., a division of Indutronics, has developed the new ShotChek Model II Current Pulse Monitor (US Patent #4,502,004) in response to demand for an instrument that measures pulse duration as well as peak amperage.

The ShotChek II provides the same high level of accuracy and performance as the original ShotChek current pulse monitor, plus the following features:

  • accurate measurement of peak current to 99.9 kilo-amps and pulse duration to 99.9 miliseconds
  • total portability and independence due to non-contact current sensor and rechareable NiCad battery power
  • excellent visibility of digital readings in either direct sunlight or total darkness due to backlighted liquid crystal displays (LCDs)

The ShotChek Model II enables inspectors to know that their customers' specifications are being met regarding minimum amperage and duration. *

The ShotChek II is a microprocessor-based instrument which, as an option, can be modified to output measurements to most standard printers.  An optional aluminum field case is available for transporting the ShotCheck II unit. Sales and service of the original ShotCheck Model I units will continue to be available.

The ShotCheck II owner's maual is available online. 

* Duration measurements conform to Exxon's and Shell's definitiion of pusle width

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